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Five Tips For Designing Rapid Prototypes In CAD

Rapid prototyping with 3D printing is one of the most effective and efficient ways to test, iterate, and ultimately perfect your design concept as you move down the road to production. Prototyping is a critical component of product development, but that doesn’t mean it has to be excessively costly or time-consuming. Rapid prototyping enables you to forego costly tooling and machine setup processes, and make use of 3D printing, which relies simply on the machine and the design file to get up and running.

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The Real Difference Between 3D Printing And Injection Molding

In the world of product development and manufacturing, 3D printing and injection molding are almost universally acknowledged to sit atop any list of the various methods available. While each of these methods is versatile and well-suited to a number of situations and uses, they are quite different in several ways: method, material, volume, cost and optimal application — just to name a few.

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8 Gifts You Can Create Right From Your 3D Printer

Have you purchased a 3D printer yet? With 3D printer prices running as low as just a few hundred dollars at some online outlets, the tipping point has been reached for many people who have been curious about what the technology offers to the home hobbyist. While RevPart can handle your engineering grade prototyping, here is a useful guide for hobby printers.

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How 3D Printing Can Replace Traditional Manufacturing — And How It Can’t

Advances and improvements in 3D printing have raised the technology’s profile as a game-changer in manufacturing over the last several years. While rapid prototyping and the additive manufacturing methods that 3D printing comprises have been around in some form for decades, the greater accessibility, affordability and versatility that today’s 3D printing offers mean that its potential to change manufacturing as a whole is at an all-time high.

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How CNC Machining and 3D Printing Have Impacted Medical Devices and Prosthetics

The partnership between manufacturing and the medical device and prosthetics industries has a long, rich and productive history. The visions of medical revolutionaries who have researched and developed ways to heal the human body, both inside and out, are only as practical as their ability to bring them to fruition. This is where manufacturing’s ingenuity, dependability and creativity come into play, shepherding previously unheard of medical advances through the final step of becoming a reality.

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Custom 3D Printing and Prototyping

Speed Time to Market with 3D Printing

It’s likely that you’ve heard the term “3D printing” lately. After all, it’s one of the hottest part creation methods today, utilized by hobbyists and product development firms to quickly and affordably build lifelike test parts.

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rapid prototyping production process diagram

What Is Rapid Prototyping?

Reducing cost, speeding time to market, and improving overall end-user experience are three main goals that every good product development firm aims to accomplish — and rapid prototyping technologies can help them achieve this.

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3d printing dinosaurs

3D Printing Dinosaurs

With Jurassic World premiering in just three weeks, talk of dinosaurs has been all of the Internet. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read speculation articles or watched new trailers moments after their release.

An added bonus is that it comes out on my birthday—a nice little present for me from the kind folks at Universal.

But in all of this excitement for genetically modified dinosaurs, I think their real-life fossilized counterparts are feeling a little left out. Why can’t actual dinosaurs get some love too?

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3D printing in space

3D Printing in Space

Have you seen the pictures floating around of the astronaut enjoying an espresso on the International Space Station? It turns out that the delicious brewed beverage was in a 3D printed cup that had been carefully designed to keep the liquid from floating around the microgravity environment on the Space Station. It was shaped so that the coffee would be held together with enough surface tension to keep it from floating away.

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3D printed solar panels

3D Printed Solar Panels

3D printing can be used for about a million useful things—and one more industry is about to benefit from this wonderful technology: solar energy.

Photovalic (PV) solar panels are more common than you might think—remember that old, cheap calculator you used to have? It was powered by a very small PV panel. Larger PV panels are used in an array to provide electricity to homes or power grids.

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