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7 Essentials To Identify In A CNC Machining Partner

Choosing a CNC machining supplier involves much more than just looking at a list of capabilities or specifications. In fact, even with two companies that look exactly the same on paper, you’re still almost guaranteed to see different results from each one — results that might affect the viability and performance of your product and its sales. CNC machine suppliers each have different specialties, experience and differing approaches to answering the necessary questions in creating your product.

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Everything You Need To Know About Polypropylene

Polypropylene is one of the most common plastics used worldwide. In fact, it’s second only to polyethylene in volume. Despite being such a commonly used material, however, it’s still important for engineers and entrepreneurs alike to understand polypropylene plastic: its properties, its uses and even a bit of its history. In addition to being broadly found in full-production manufacturing, polypropylene is well suited for prototyping. Understanding more about the material will help you learn why.

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How To Cut Costs Through Design In CNC Machining

The profit you see on a product is only defined in the most immediate sense by its end sales numbers. In reality, your overall profit — gross revenue minus the cost of producing your product — is affected at numerous steps along the manufacturing process, and one smart way to better your bottom line is to start thinking about lowering production costs from the very outset, during the design process.

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Improving CNC Machining Efficiency With Automated Pallet Systems And Robotics

Automation in CNC machining is an area that continues to grow and evolve — due in part to technology advances, but even more so, due to the increasing recognition by shop owners of the potential benefits that automation can offer. CNC machining automation, robotics and automated pallet systems for CNC machining can combine to offer a host of improvements in efficiency, capacity, ROI and overall bottom line, all with a minimum of additional effort and manpower required. In fact, that’s the point — automation and robotics give shop owners, entrepreneurs and engineers the opportunity to do much, much more with the same amount of (or even less) work and overall investment.

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How CNC Machining and 3D Printing Have Impacted Medical Devices and Prosthetics

The partnership between manufacturing and the medical device and prosthetics industries has a long, rich and productive history. The visions of medical revolutionaries who have researched and developed ways to heal the human body, both inside and out, are only as practical as their ability to bring them to fruition. This is where manufacturing’s ingenuity, dependability and creativity come into play, shepherding previously unheard of medical advances through the final step of becoming a reality.

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Plastic CNC Machining

Plastic CNC machining is an example of a subtractive manufacturing process. When you place your order with RevPart, we begin with a solid piece of plastic, load it into the machine, and begin cutting. The machine removes plastic layer by layer, following the guidelines in your CAD file, and eventually reveals a perfectly formed product.

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