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Engineering Career

Tips For Career Growth In Engineering

It’s never too early — or too late — to focus on your career growth as an engineer. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of your tenure with a company, or maintaining a position as one of the senior, most experienced members of a team of engineers, you can always benefit professionally (and personally) from taking a step back and examining where you see the next phase of your career taking you.

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Virtual Reality

Five Ways Virtual Reality Benefits Engineers

The promise of virtual reality technology — long anticipated as the “wave of the future” — looks to finally be paying off. Consumer products like the Oculus Rift are combining ever-more-seamless virtual reality experiences with more accessible price points, and even video game consoles have been using motion-detection technology for several years to create an immersive, “you are there” experience.

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How Can Six Sigma Help Engineers?

Six Sigma holds a storied place in the recent history of manufacturing. Popularized by none other than Jack Welch of General Electric in the mid-1990s (although started by a Motorola engineer), the phrase “Six Sigma” has come to be synonymous with the ideal achievement of quality — which is fitting, since the methodology strives for perfection.

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New Keyboard Shortcuts For SOLIDWORKS 2016

Shortcuts are not often found in manufacturing — in fact, the typically advisable response to any manufacturers offering you a shortcut is to take the quickest route away from them. That’s not an all-encompassing rule, however, especially when manufacturing software is involved. That’s what we’re here to write about today; specifically, shortcuts in SOLIDWORKS for 2016.

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