5 Prototyping Tips

Written by RevPart

prototyping tips
TIPS / photo by rachaelvoorhees

1. Look at your competition to see how their product looks and functions.

Don’t forget that you want to make your product better than theirs, not rip off their idea. Don’t steal from them. Use them to improve. If you find a flaw in their design, make that your strongest feature.

2. Communicate with the people helping you work on your design.

Whether it be a whole team, a spouse, or just us here at RevPart, communication is essential to getting a product developed completely. If no one knows exactly what you’re thinking, how can you get the help that you need?

3. Ensure that the design is within our set tolerances and meets our minimum size requirements.

These numbers are slightly different for each process, so check out our design guidelines or shoot us an email to find out more.

4. Be ready to learn about prototyping and manufacturing methods.

Although we won’t quiz you or expect you to know everything when you contact us, being willing to listen to us and our expertise will make the process go smoothly for everyone involved.

5. Be willing to ask for help.

There are a lot of resources out there that can help you along the way and one of the best is here at your fingertips: ask us for a quote today.

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