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Short Run Injection Molding

Short run injection molding solves a problem that many businesses encounter when seeking injection molding services. Most injection molding suppliers maintain high minimum orders (in the hundreds of thousands, or even millions of parts), which can be cost-prohibitive. This poses a barrier to entry for injection molded specialty parts, prototypes and test runs.

With short run injection molding (also called small batch injection molding), we solve these problems for you. Short run plastic injection molding is an identical process to standard production injection molding.

Short run plastic parts are produced by injecting a heated, liquified base material into a mold, clamping the mold together until the material cools, and ejecting the finished part. The differences in short run injection molding are:

  • Lower minimum quantities — no order is too small, and we can produce runs as low as less than 100 pieces
  • Faster turnaround, with fulfillment in as little as two days
  • Reduced costs
  • Different mold options- Revpart offers two types of prototype molds. One is an aluminum mold with a 2,000 warranty and the other is a 718 steel mold with a 10,000 shot warranty.



Short run plastic injection molding is used in a range of industries, including any industry where injection molding can be used for production, and short run prototyping is desired. Short runs are ideal for highly specialized parts that may be required in smaller quantities. They are especially useful when accuracy and part performance are critical — making production-quality prototyping necessary. These industries include medical, automotive and aerospace, although our services are not limited to these areas.



The Benefits of Short Run Molding

Short run injection molding provides numerous benefits, including some mentioned above. Those, and more, are discussed in further detail below:

  • No minimum order quantity: As specialists in short runs, we at RevPart do not require any minimum order for injection molding. This allows you the greatest flexibility in prototyping, iterating, testing, and controlling your inventory and production quantities.
  • Lower costs: Short runs allow you to save costs in nearly every area of the injection molding process, including tool costs (with softer material such as aluminum, instead of stainless or tool steel), production costs (with only the quantity you need) and faster time to market.
  • Long-lasting molds: Even with a softer mold material, our short run tooling is durable and long-lasting, with a 10,000-shot guarantee.
  • Production-quality prototyping and testing: Other prototyping methods may be useful, and we offer other services to meet your needs — including short run CNC machining and 3D printing. However, if you need a production-quality prototype to guarantee performance and functionality, short run plastic injection molding should be your method of choice.
  • Faster turnaround: With shorter production time, faster mold manufacturing and capacity dedicated to short runs, we are able to complete projects in as little as two days.
  • Greater flexibility: As specialists in short runs, our machine capacity is dedicated to runs for prototyping and testing. This means that you can iterate on designs and see a new prototype in two days. Other injection molders (if they agree to a short run) will often keep unreliable timelines, not finishing your order until it is convenient for them. This creates an extended development process, with unmanageable timeframes for iterating on concepts and designs.
  • Dedication and expertise: At RevPart, we specialize in short run manufacturing. We can assist you with material selection, tooling, production plans and schedules, and more — all backed by our extensive experience with prototyping and short run injection molding. Where other molders may not even return your RFQs or emails for low quantities, we specialize in working with customers just like you.



Working With RevPart

RevPart is ready to offer you all of the benefits described above, with expertise in short run projects. In addition to injection molding, we provide short run CNC machining and 3D printing — whether needed for complementary or supporting services for an injection molding project, or for separate projects.

We exist solely to solve the problems encountered in short run injection mold sourcing and manufacturing, and have helped thousands of customers move their projects forward quickly, efficiently, and with the benefits of design and production expertise tailored to unique requirements.

For more information about how we can help through your design, development and production processes, contact us today.


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