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At RevPart, we combine technology, creativity and years of experience to provide unparalleled all-around custom plastic molding services. Whatever your product is, we possess the knowledge and know-how to help you choose the ideal process and material for the best product possible. As a custom molding services company with extensive capacity and capabilities, we can handle any size run for your project — prototype to production — with turnaround times you won’t find anywhere else. We are your source for prototype molding services as well as two-shot, overmolding services.


Our Molding Services

Injection Molding

Injection molding is the ideal solution for many general custom plastic molding needs. The process is well-suited to a wide variety of material choices and is perfect for high-quantity runs. Standard injection molding offers fast turnaround with high quality and competitive pricing.


Urethane Casting

Urethane casting is one of the best choices you can make for short-run or prototype production. Rather than a tool steel mold than can take weeks to manufacture and costs tens of thousands of dollars, urethane casting operates out of a soft mold, creating lower tooling costs and faster turnarounds times than other processes.


Silicone Molding

Similar to custom injection molding, silicone molding is the process of injecting and curing liquid silicone rubber inside a mold. The nature of the material means that varying durometers are available, and parts are especially well-suited to sterilization. For this reason, silicone molding is often the choice for medical-grade, food-grade and other specialty custom plastic molding projects.


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