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Rapid, High-Quality 3D Printing Services

What Types of 3D Printing Services Do We Offer?

RevPart provides 3D printing services for rapid prototyping through two processes: stereolithography (SLA) and selective laser sintering (SLS). These rapid prototyping 3D printing options allow for a wider variety in your material selection, and broader versatility for the functionality and use of your part.

Advantages and Benefits of Using a Rapid 3D Printing Service

No other method compares to 3D printing when it comes to getting prototypes quickly and at a low cost to you. If you need a preliminary part to test for form, fit or simply aesthetics, 3D printing your prototypes is the right choice. The complex geometries enabled by the 3D printing process let you create intricate parts to accurately gauge manufacturability and other considerations before making the decision to move to more functional testing. Advantages of 3D prototyping services include:

Low Cost

Rapid Development

Material Selection

Complex Shapes

Less Waste

Types of Industries that 3D Printing Is Best Used

The accuracy and versatility of 3D printing makes it an ideal choice for a number of applications and industries. Anywhere that complex forms and exacting specifications are required is a perfect fit for 3D printing. For example:

Medical industry





The 3D Rapid Prototyping Process

At RevPart, our goal is to make additive manufacturing services and the rapid prototyping 3D printing process as simplified as possible for you — before, during and after production. The steps below specify exactly how our 3D prototyping services do that, and what we need from you.

1. Upload Drawings

For rapid 3D prototyping, you’ll need CAD files in the .STL format. Starting from a napkin drawing or other loose sketch? Contact us and we can recommend an engineer to convert your drawings to digital.

2. Getting the quote

Submitting your quote is as easy as a few clicks through our electronic portal. Along with your CAD drawing, include any supplemental facts like intended industry or use, material choice, process preference, and more. Not sure about the details? Don’t worry — we are experts in material selection and choosing the best process for you and can provide assistance upon request.

3. Order the part

One word to describe our quote process: fast. You’ll have an estimate within 48 hours, and you can order the part right from the same portal you requested your quote — no separate steps or offline phone tag. From here, we can even help further fine-tune your selections for the most efficient process possible.

4. We make it and ship it

Once your part is ordered, it goes directly into our 3D printing queue. We get involved with any manual part supports and other routine maintenance during the production process, but other than that, your part moves quickly and automatically to production — at which point we inspect it and send it to you.

Finishes and Fabricated Parts

Flexibility in our rapid 3D printing service is a big part of the RevPart difference. Whether you need custom finishes, material qualities or secondary services, we’ve got you covered.

Materials: 3D prototyping has moved far beyond the limited material selection many have associated it with. New, advanced materials are available to mimic the properties, look and feel of a variety of resins, including ABS, nylon, PC and more. With both SLA 3D printing and SLS 3D printing capabilities, we are able to offer the widest material selection.

Finishes: We can ship parts to you, as is, once production is done; or we can provide a custom finish, including smoothing out support marks. Let us know how you envision your finished product, and we will work with you to make it a reality.

Value-Added Options: Our value-added options create a true one-stop experience, increasing efficiency and speed. Options include spray painting, pad printing, silk screening and laser etching.

Our capabilities make us the ideal partner for meeting your rapid prototyping needs. To learn more about how RevPart can help you harness the power of 3D printing for prototypes, reach out and get a quote from us today.