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RevPart was created to improve product development

Our focus is in creating a simple, seamless ordering process to get quality prototypes that help improve your design.


Like every good business we set out to solve a problem. What was the problem? Finding a manufacturing company that was willing to produce parts at low volume was almost impossible to find and if they did it would cost you dearly. We solved the problem by creating RevPart to focus on the early stages of product development and design. By using RevPart for your prototyping needs you no longer have to invest huge amounts of capital or weeks to months of time to get and test your part.


The path to developing a new product is often difficult, confusing and time consuming. RevPart was founded to help you get your idea from a napkin sketch to a successful sale-able product. By streamlining our processes we are able to produce low volume parts really fast. We bring clarity to the development path by getting prototypes that you can touch and improve before committing to full production.


Every day we work to innovate and improve our processes. Every employee is an efficiency expert, every piece of technology or machinery we purchase is seen as a way to improve efficiency. Our proprietary and efficient processes give us an edge in our industry and we pass the savings on to you.


We were founded by Central One to fill a need. Central One is an established company providing diversified manufacturing services to customers that run anywhere from 10 thousand to 10 million parts. While serving its customers Central One saw a glaring need for customers in the initial stages of product development. RevPart was created out of a need to simplify the path and help customers get from the idea stage to a production grade part.