Plastic Injection Molding

Beat your deadlines with our quick-turn custom plastic injection molding services

  • Get a quote in less than 48-hours
  • Get molds in 10 – 18 days
  • Parts delivered in a couple days
  • 5K and 10K shot prototype molds

What makes us Different?

When you’re looking for short-run or injection molded parts, time is usually of the essence — but so, as always, is quality. Prototype injection molding lets you enjoy both benefits, meeting your fast turnaround needs through a process that provides some of the most reliable, high-quality products available.

Fast turnaround

  • Prototype molds in as few as 10 days
  • Parts produced in just two days
  • We specialize in short, fast-turn runs — no order too small

High repeatability

  • Plastic injection molds can last for hundreds of thousands of parts, with identical results every time
  • Ready to move forward with your prototype? We offer production quantity runs as well, with the same dedication to quality.
  • Even tight tolerances remain consistent from piece to piece

Versatility in materials

  • Plastic injection molding is suited to a vast array of materials, formulations and colors
  • Achieve varying durometers, consistencies and finishes, thanks to broad material selection

Our Capabilities

RevPart is more than just another CNC plastic machine shop. RevPart offers conventional plastic injection molding service from 75 to 500 tons, as well as high-speed, all-electric injection molding with wall thicknesses down to 0.3 mm. We specialize in providing high-quality, quick turn prototype injection molding and short-run parts in a fraction of the time of other facilities, and will never turn down a job for being too small. Types of injection molding services that RevPart provides include:

  • Overmolding
  • Two shot molding with rotating platen
  • Double shot molding
  • Insert molding
  • Conventional molding from 75 tons to 500 tons
  • High speed injection molding

How Does Injection Molding Work?

Plastic injection molding is a widely used manufacturing method, where high-temperature, melted plastic resin (the “shot”) is forced into a mold cavity. There, it is left to cool and take the shape of the mold, producing the desired part. Once the plastic resin in the mold cools, the part is released and the process starts again. Plastic injection molding machines consist of three main parts: the mold, the injection unit and the clamping unit.

RevPart’s Injection Molding Process

1. Get a quote

To get a quote for plastic injection molding you will need a 3D CAD file. Click our GET A QUOTE button at the top of the site to start. You will enter basic information about your project and upload the file. Once we receive your quote request, we will begin processing the quote. We typically have quotes back in under 48 business hours.
quote process

2. Build the Injection Mold

Even for prototype parts or low-volume plastic injection molding, quality is critical. RevPart chooses the appropriate material to remain cost-effective while also preventing cracking, disfigurement or other damage to your investment. In fact, our prototype molds come with a 10K shot guarantee.

injection mold with parts

3. Make the injection molded parts

Our CNC machines are ready and waiting to manufacture your parts, with capacities for any run, small or large. The speed offered by our plastic molding process goes to waste when your order goes into a long queue — but we make sure you can get parts in as little as two days once your injection mold is completed.

injection mold with gears

Material options

Plastic injection molding is a versatile process, with the ability to handle an extremely wide range of materials. RevPart is ready with the expertise to match materials and formulations to your product needs.


Pantone matching for any color. Multiple color parts available via two-shot molding, overmolding, and insert molding. 


Capabilities to texture the mold according to any SPI finish or MT finish. The repeatability of plastic injection molding ensures consistency, even for detailed finishes. 


Achieve various specific qualities for your part through resin selection, including durometer, flexibility and more. Potential for food grade, medical grade and other specialty parts. 

Value added options:

Fulfill other requirements beyond plastic injection molding, including spray painting of parts, pad printing, screen printing and more.

ISO 9001

Quality Control

ISO 14001


ISO 13485


TS 16949


How we succeed

At RevPart, customers are our focus. We believe that by putting the customer first and providing excellent customer service the project in turn will be successful.