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Industrial Prototyping & Injection Molding

In the industrial and construction industries, prototyping plays a key role in product design, safety, innovation and efficiency. Industrial parts and components must be able to operate reliably while seamlessly interacting and fitting. Industrial prototyping is the most important step of the process in ensuring that any potential issues in this area are identified and rectified before beginning a full production run.

RevPart services include industrial injection molding and industrial silicone molds for prototyping scenarios where production-grade materials are useful, as well as 3D printing services for even faster prototyping when production materials are not required. RevPart construction silicone molds and injection molding services are also available for short-run production — including applications such as handles, hinges and exterior components that must be corrosion-resistant.


Fast Prototypes to Keep Development Moving

Bridging the gap from the initial design stage to the full production process, the prototyping stage is critically important for numerous reasons, including:

  • Testing for manufacturability
  • Ensuring proper dimensions
  • Gauging proper fit
  • Measuring and verifying production tolerances


Prototypes — especially production-grade prototypes — have traditionally required a time-consuming process, sending a design to a prototyper and waiting for it to return the prototype several weeks later. RevPart understands the importance of getting a prototype in-hand quickly, and we have built our service offering around getting your prototypes to you as quickly as possible, regardless of the process that you require.

With faster prototyping turnarounds, you can:

  • Iterate more designs in a shorter period
  • Identify potential issues more quickly, earlier in the process
  • Reduce the cost of idle product development time
  • Explore more innovative and creative solutions
  • Manage production deadlines and budgets more accurately


Why Prototyping Is Important: The Benefits to You

Industrial CNC mill and other industrial and construction facilities can realize vast benefits by incorporating a robust, well-strategized prototyping step into their product development process. These benefits include:

  • Assurance that a part, product or assembly will work as intended.
  • A production-grade working model, without the investment of a full production run.
  • The ability to adjust tolerances, dimensions and design elements before making the large investment in a full production run.
  • Better-designed parts mean less need for rework and fewer defects.
  • Less overall time from product design to a finished production run.
  • Lower overall costs.


At RevPart, we have carefully designed and developed our prototyping services to align with manufacturer needs, including those in the industrial and construction industries. Click here to view our design guidelines, and visit this page to submit a request for a quote.