Injection Molding: what is it?

Written by RevPart

Plastic injection molding machine / photo by Jean-Pierre
Plastic injection molding machine / photo by Jean-Pierre

Making things with molds has been around for more than a hundred years. It’s a very easy way to produce hundreds of thousands of identical copies of an item.

But what if you don’t need a million of your product? A production-grade mold can take up to three months to make and cost up to $30,000. That’s a huge commitment if you’re just looking for a prototype or just a few hundred units.

RevPart’s prototype molds are your answer. They only take fifteen days to make and can cost as little as $500. A prototype mold lets you see your product before you try to mass produce it…you can work out any kinks that might be in the design.

Injection molding has an almost unlimited material selection, so you won’t be held back with the limitations that come with 3D printing. Products also have a very smooth finish (if that’s the look you’re going for!) that CNC machining doesn’t match.

Once the mold is created, molten plastic is pushed into the cavity. The air escapes through the seams or around the ejector pins, making your item a solid piece of plastic. Once the mold is full, the plastic is cooled down until it’s hardened, then it’s pushed out of the mold with those ejector pins. This is a quick process that could be the right choice for you.

Although the initial price for a mold might be higher than the price for one of our other processes, it’s a good solution for when you need many of the same item…and the more you order, the cheaper the per price cost becomes.

As with our other services, injection molded items can be finished in several different value-adding ways. And, built right into the old, you can add text (through embossing or debossing) to tell your customers about your product…like recycling instructions or if you have a patent pending.

If having us build an injection molding prototype sounds good to you, send us a quote request! We’ll get it turned around in 24 hours so you can get your item in your hands faster.

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