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SLA Printing Services

3D Printing Services

SLA Printing Service for Fast Prototypes and Reduced Time to Market

  • SLA prototypes at a lower cost to you
  • Quick-turn prototypes in as fast as four days
  • High-quality resins available with a variety of material properties
  • Nearly limitless design flexibility
  • Extremely efficient material use with minimal waste


What Is SLA 3D Printing?

SLA additive manufacturing, also called stereolithography, is a 3D printing method that uses a thermoset liquid resin base material that is activated and hardened by the application of a laser in the required form for each layer. As one layer is finished, a new layer of liquid resin is applied to the layer, and the process is repeated to form the part.

SLA 3D printing service typically requires support structures to be created first, which are then removed once the piece is completed. At this stage, SLA parts are finished with solvents to remove any additional non-required resin and cured a final time via UV application.

SLA printing differs from selective leaser sintering, or SLS printing, which uses a laser to sinter powdered material into a shape. Although SLS printing creates a stronger finished product, it doesn’t offer the same aesthetic appeal as SLA parts do. Click here to learn more about the differences between these two 3D printing methods.

Once you have your SLA printed prototype, you also can turn to us for expert injection molding services for creating the finished products. Click here to see our plastic injection molding capabilities and find out what they can do for you.

Why SLA Rapid Prototyping?

Our SLA printing service (and 3D printing in general) offers a host of advantages to reduce your prototyping costs, increase design flexibility, and speed your time to market. These benefits include:


Cost Efficiency 

  • Minimal setup time
  • No expensive tooling required
  • Only pay for the material used


Fast Time to Market

  • Prototypes in as little as four days
  • SLA rapid prototyping reduces time spent waiting for parts
  • Greater innovation thanks to faster iteration


Range of Materials

  • SLA additive manufacturing from a range of materials with different properties and appearance
  • Material selection with production-grade qualities
  • Options include glass reinforcement, flexible materials, matte finish, clear or semitransparent, and more


Design Flexibility 

  • Layer by layer additive process means that almost any design, no matter how complex, is possible
  • Superior tolerances and precision
  • Increase innovation and quickly gauge manufacturability 


Reduced Waste

  • Additive process uses only the material required, along with minimal additional material for support structures
  • Supports green manufacturing efforts
  • Lowers overall material costs

SLA Prototypes for a Wide Range of Industries

Stereolithography printing service benefits a wide range of industries and applications — focusing on rapid prototyping to speed the overall production process and beat competitors to market with new products.

Industry applications include:



  • Custom prosthetics made quickly
  • Ideal for intricate components and devices



  • High accuracy
  • Complex parts and assemblies
  • Production-quality strength with light weight



  • Can meet small size requirements for increasingly smaller, thinner products
  • Plastic resin material selection can meet a range of complex needs



  • Enables faster design innovation for a rapidly evolving industry
  • Produce custom replacement parts quickly and on demand



  • Intricate design capabilities enable complex component design and production for advanced technology
  • On-demand prototyping and production for maximum efficiency and innovation


The stereolithography process is used primarily for prototyping because it is fast and utilizes a wide range of materials. Although the test parts they generate are nonfunctional, SLA printing services are invaluable for their ability to create three-dimensional mock-ups of what the finished part will look like. This means SLA prototypes are a great way to visualize a product before mass production and identify any design flaws that might exist.

The RevPart Difference

With decades of experience and a specialized focus on 3D printing and SLA processes, RevPart is your ideal partner for rapid prototyping and other 3D printing-related services. We offer the options you need to reduce costs, increase innovation and quality, and make your project a success — including a wide range of material selection, custom finishing capabilities, value-added options, the latest high-quality machinery, and a commitment to customer service and long-term partnership.

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