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Have a product design, idea or invention? With our rapid prototyping and manufacturing services, you can make your concept a reality!

As your rapid tooling company, our services have you covered from the beginning of product design to full-scale manufacturing. We are prototype parts manufacturers with the capabilities and expertise to assist you at every step of your development process. Our customers use our custom injection molding services for a variety of reasons, but here are a few:


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This is the most common question we get. Here is an example that will show you how the various services compare. Please note that the price can vary depending on your parts size, weight and complexity. As an injection molding company that specializes in prototyping and short runs, no order is too small for us to accept.

Part size: 104mm x 54mm x23mm

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"Great prototypes @revpart. The parts work great. I will be in touch today to order the production mold."