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The RevBlog helps you get from idea to prototype
photo by Andrew Kim

While working with customers to manufacture products on a large scale, Central One realized that its customers didn’t have a resource for getting through the early stages of developing and designing their ideas. In order to better serve you, RevPart was created to help guide you through creating prototypes and producing parts at a low volume without costing you an arm and a leg.

We’re here to help you move from just a sketch on a napkin to an actual prototype that you can hold in your hands, feel, use, and tweak before moving on to the production phase. In addition to saving you money with our low-cost high-quality options, we’re saving you time—streamlining the process and moving with an efficiency that you won’t be able to find at other companies.

Depending on the type of product that you want to produce, we can 3D print it for you, machine it out of a solid piece of plastic, or build a mold to quickly create many copies using plastic injection…and if you’re not sure about the differences, check out those links for more detailed descriptions.

This RevBlog is a place where you can come to learn about what we’re doing, creating, and building…but it’s also a place where you can come to learn about the design process. We want to help you create the best product possible, and part of that is through providing you with design tips, material information, and explanations about the different ways we can build your product.

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