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CNC Machining

CNC turning is a machining process where a piece of circular raw stock is mounted on a spindle, rotated at high speed and worked with various tools to add certain features. These features and shapes can include grooves, bevels, rings, slots, radii and internal facets such as threading. The stock is usually fed continuously, allowing for maximum automation and efficiency.

At RevPart, our CNC turning services provide great versatility, including perpendicular machining for features such as square faces. In addition, our lathe turning services are ideally suited for all types of production-grade plastics. We offer prototyping machining as well as production-quantity volumes.

CNC turning services utilize a lathe to cut plastic into round shapes. As the piece is turned by the lathe, the blade on the lathe cuts away the unwanted materials, leaving the desired shape. Most often, the plastic bars are cylindrical, but on occasion they may be hexagonal or square. The shape is determined by a CAD file that is translated into a CAM program. The next step is mounting the appropriate tools onto the equipment’s tool changer, which may include implements for grooving, drilling or parting. For larger-quantity production runs, the bar material may be fed automatically into the lathe. After an initial test to ensure everything is properly calibrated, production can begin.

The Plastic CNC Turning Process: A Closer Look

CNC turning is typically used for circular parts, or parts that have diameters and rotational symmetry because the process involves rotating a spindle-mounted stock and applying tools to produce a desired feature. This is in contrast to processes such as milling, where a piece is worked while on a milling table.

RevPart’s precision turning services can involve a variety of tools to produce a broad range of features. Our expertise at producing plastic CNC turned components makes our services ideal for quick-turn and low-volume operations such as rapid tooling and prototyping. We work hard to provide the speed and cost efficiency necessary to make these types of projects viable.

In addition to our rapid tooling and prototyping services, we are also a turned parts manufacturer for production-grade and production-quantity orders, meeting your volume needs with the same level of quality and engineering expertise.

Options for CNC Turning Services

Our lathe turning services afford a number of customization and value-add choices. These include:

  • Different finishes: CNC turning is well-known for producing a smooth, high-quality surface that does not often require secondary finishing. However, we are able to add contours and textures to meet any aesthetic or functional need.
  • Resin options: We can work with virtually any production-grade plastic — adding strength, hardness and other qualities to rival materials such as metal — while maintaining lower costs and lighter weights.
  • Value-added options: From design to assembly, kitting and fulfillment assistance, we offer a host of value-add services that keep more functions under one roof, reduce your vendor management and give you peace of mind.

Benefits of Plastic CNC Turning

CNC turning with plastic materials offers a host of benefits. These include:

  • Cost-efficiency: CNC turning is a versatile, widely-used process that offers easy setup, extensive design options, a broad range of plastic material choices and more — all at a cost-efficient price point. By working with a specialist in plastic machining such as RevPart, you gain access to years of experience that allow us to carry out your project as efficiently as possible.
  • Fast prototyping: Production-grade prototypes are the most reliable way to gauge the appearance, functionality and quality of a finished part. With plastic CNC turning, you can acquire production-grade plastic prototypes at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to produce a similar level of quality through other processes.
  • Competitive advantage: Now you can get to market more quickly than competitors and offer favorable price points using plastic CNC turning. With RevPart’s services, you can produce high-quality, high-strength parts in a fast, cost-effective way.
  • Increased capacity and productivity: Automated CNC turning with continuous bar feed provides the fastest possible production speed and productivity, enabling you to produce more parts in less time with less overall resource expenditure.
  • Precision and accuracy: Our CNC turning services are capable of creating turned parts that are as close to your specifications as possible. With precise computer controls operating the equipment, there is little chance of defects or mistakes as there would be with human-operated machinery. This way, you can be sure of the highest overall quality in the finished components.


CNC Turning Applications and Industries

Our CNC turning services can help you in a number of ways. Some of the most common applications for these capabilities include:

  • Rapid tooling: We can create molds and fixtures can be handled quickly with the help of CNC turning.
  • Rapid prototyping: As one of the fastest and most cost-effective production processes, CNC turning is ideal for creating prototypes.
  • Serial production: The precision and speed CNC turning can achieve ensure serial production can be fast and effective.


Our lathe turning services are used by clients across a wide spectrum of companies, including:

  • Medical devices: Our capabilities ensure the prototypes for life-saving medical equipment is produced to the tightest tolerances for maximum effectiveness.
  • Industrial prototypes: With the expertise we bring to the table, our clients know they can count on the prototyping services we provide to deliver exceptional results each and every time.
  • Automotive parts: When the application calls for functional prototypes with high value and exacting specifications, auto manufacturers know they can count on us to get the job done right.
  • And more.

RevPart is a specialist in CNC machining and turning, providing design assistance, engineering and production expertise that only come from decades of experience. We pride ourselves on building longstanding relationships with clients through exemplary quality and excellent customer service. For more information, get a quote today.

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