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5 Common Resins For Injection Molding

Just like you wouldn’t go into a machining project saying that the material you’re using is “metal,” it’s unlikely that you’d make it far into an injection molding product design process with your material choice identified merely as “plastic.”

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Injection Molding

Applying Lean Manufacturing Processes To Injection Molding

Lean manufacturing is well into its fourth decade as a landmark efficiency and production principle. From the late 1980s through to today, lean manufacturing (or just “lean”) has helped countless manufacturing firms and facilities streamline their production, improve their quality and, ultimately, improve their bottom line.

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Getting Products To Market Faster With Urethane Molding

Standard lead times of weeks or months are often seen as a built-in and unassailable part of the injection molding production process. In both the prototyping and manufacturing stages, conventional wisdom says that tooling design, manufacturing and production are extremely time-consuming processes — with the price tag to match. These long lead times are not a mere inconvenience — they can and often do have real effects on your product and your bottom line. Silicone molding is a readily available way to work with shorter lead times (and lower costs). Ultimately, this material can get your product to market faster, without sacrificing the quality or design of your product.

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Trends For Plastic Molding By Industry

Plastic molding is a process with an extremely broad range of applications and uses. For that reason, innovations, trends and opportunities in the industries where plastic molding is widely used also often represent the same possibilities for plastic molding itself. As designs, materials, regulations, and consumer/buyer needs and tastes continue to evolve, plastic molding has no choice but to follow suit.

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