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technician working with plastic granules

How (And Why) To Optimize Your Molding Cycle

If you’ve never considered optimizing your injection molding process — or if it’s been a while since you’ve done so — it’s something you should consider investing time in now. Why? Put simply, if you haven’t taken proactive steps toward optimizing the molding cycle, it’s almost certainly running sub-optimally — costing you time and money in the process.

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electronic circuit board

A Guide To Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing And Prototypes

Printed circuit boards are found in nearly any and every electronics product that you can think of, no matter how complex. From your mobile device to your garage door opener, printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the core of the means by which we are able to enjoy the conveniences of today’s technology.

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Six Ways To Get Your Prototype To Market Quickly

In the process of going from idea to product, time can be one of your biggest obstacles. No matter how eager you are to get your product to market, each step of the process takes time — which goes hand in hand with monetary investment, to say nothing of the challenges that can rear their heads at every stage. For all too many inventors and product developers, the time required to go from idea to product can be discouraging, which can further slow the process. Or, in some cases, can cause you to abandon it altogether. In fact, until recently, prototypes could take four to six weeks — or longer — to create.

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silicone rubber set up

Benefits Of Partnering With A Silicone Rubber Molding Manufacturer

As you research methods and materials for your next project, you may encounter silicone rubber molding more and more frequently. Here’s why: Liquid silicone rubber molding provides fast, efficient production in medium-to-high quantities, while also delivering a versatile range of material properties suitable for a broad cross-section of industries. Read on to learn more about the benefits that partnering with a silicone rubber molding manufacturer can provide to you.

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designer working on cad

Five Tips For Designing Rapid Prototypes In CAD

Rapid prototyping with 3D printing is one of the most effective and efficient ways to test, iterate, and ultimately perfect your design concept as you move down the road to production. Prototyping is a critical component of product development, but that doesn’t mean it has to be excessively costly or time-consuming. Rapid prototyping enables you to forego costly tooling and machine setup processes, and make use of 3D printing, which relies simply on the machine and the design file to get up and running.

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Difference Between Casting and Molding

Differences Between Urethane Casting And Injection Molding

Comparing the benefits and drawbacks of two different manufacturing processes can be one of the best ways to illustrate the importance of proper process selection for a project. Urethane casting vs. plastic injection molding, for instance — two processes that are, on the surface, relatively similar — can yield vastly different results depending on your requirements and expectations. To start, let’s look at the difference between casting and molding.

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product design process

Five Simple Product Design Tips

A (near-universal) truth in manufacturing: A finished product will only be as good as the design from which it was created. Does that seem like common sense? Let’s look a little more closely at the statement — and then at some reasons why it might not be quite as simple as it seems.

By a “good” product, we mean a successful one: of high quality, useful to the buyer, safe and profitable for you. In terms of the “design” used to create the product, we’re really talking about the product design process: The early stage of product development where you flesh out your initial concept and create a workable design to use for prototyping, testing and production. It’s more than just moving from concept sketch to CAD drawing — it should be a product design process.

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marking off checklist

Preventative Mold Maintenance Checklist

Preventative mold maintenance seems like it should be a no-brainer. After all, we know the importance of preventative maintenance for most of our major investments like machinery, facility infrastructure and so on. It even carries over to our big-ticket personal expenditures: car, home heating system and house — to name a few. The importance of preventative maintenance, in general, isn’t a mystery.

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Technician with 3-D Printer

A Quick Guide To Additive Manufacturing

When you hear the phrase “additive manufacturing,” you probably think of 3D printing — and rightfully so, as the two are essentially the same. From there, however, it can get a little more complicated: What are the benefits of additive manufacturing? What types of products is it best for, and when should it be used? What role does it play in the general manufacturing landscape today and in the future?

We’ve put together this additive manufacturing guide to shed a bit more light on the details, capabilities and potential of the process. To start, let’s look at the origins of the name itself.

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man using 3D printer for prototyping

Using Prototypes To Help Sell Your Product

Prototypes serve a wide range of functions ­— it’s a big part of the reason why they’re so important to the development and success of your product. They can help you visualize, refine and develop your product; they can let you test different materials and formulations; they can give you a real-world look at its functionality; and they can help you decide on the end manufacturing process that you’ll use for production — to name a few.

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