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Plastic Colorant

Using Plastic Colorants To Brighten Your Injection Molded Parts

Many times — perhaps even most of the time — the standard brown or translucent coloring of a resin for injection molding will suit the requirements for the finished part just fine. For internal parts, small components and the like, the function is much more important than the look of the part. Sometimes, however, the aesthetics and finished appearance of a part play a bigger role, and that standard, unattractive coloring just won’t cut it. Perhaps the part is an external component. Maybe it is being created for color-coded assembly. Or, you just want to stand apart from competitors in some way.

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New Keyboard Shortcuts For SOLIDWORKS 2016

Shortcuts are not often found in manufacturing — in fact, the typically advisable response to any manufacturers offering you a shortcut is to take the quickest route away from them. That’s not an all-encompassing rule, however, especially when manufacturing software is involved. That’s what we’re here to write about today; specifically, shortcuts in SOLIDWORKS for 2016.

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living hinge example

Living Hinge Design: The Ultimate Guide

Great product designers are always on the lookout for better ways to reduce cost and improve the user experience.

Living hinge design is method that can accomplish both these tasks handily by replacing conventional hinge design methods with a flexible thin web of plastic.

Due to the unique flow dynamics of plastic injection molding two bodies of plastic can be connected with a resilient hinge can be cycled indefinitely.

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Designing for Injection Molding: Size Variations

Having a beautiful 3D printed prototype or computer design doesn’t mean it will come out of injection molding perfectly formed. One common mistake that people make is by having size variations that are too drastic for the injection process to handle.

But don’t give up hope! There are several ways you can fix your product if you’ve already designed it with some major size differences.

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