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urethane molding 300x200

Getting Products To Market Faster With Urethane Molding

Standard lead times of weeks or months are often seen as a built-in and unassailable part of the injection molding production process. In both the prototyping and manufacturing stages, conventional wisdom says that tooling design, manufacturing and production are extremely time-consuming processes — with the price tag to match. These long lead times are not a mere inconvenience — they can and often do have real effects on your product and your bottom line. Silicone molding is a readily available way to work with shorter lead times (and lower costs). Ultimately, this material can get your product to market faster, without sacrificing the quality or design of your product.

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silicone rubber set up

Benefits Of Partnering With A Silicone Rubber Molding Manufacturer

As you research methods and materials for your next project, you may encounter silicone rubber molding more and more frequently. Here’s why: Liquid silicone rubber molding provides fast, efficient production in medium-to-high quantities, while also delivering a versatile range of material properties suitable for a broad cross-section of industries. Read on to learn more about the benefits that partnering with a silicone rubber molding manufacturer can provide to you.

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